Barcelona as seen from our balcony

We spend some time in Barcelona recently. It isn’t my favorite city in the world, but hey – when it’s warm, there is good weather, fantastic food and friendly people nobody is complaining.


They’re a creative bunch of anarchists in this town. This piece of ‘urban-art’ I liked most. Ghostbusters!

Zhe Frensj

And what’s a better place to meet French hippies playing accordion then Barcelona?

People watching the game outside the cafe

But hmm, what’s happening there? Daily life stops to watch the final of the Spanish soccer-competition


And guess who won? B-A-R-C-A! Right under our balcony


The mob went wild. Shortly after the fireworks, they started tearing down streetlights, postboxes, trees and metrosigns.


And all the fun lasted for a couple of hours, then the ‘Mossos’ took over. Within a couple of minutes the party was over.